Better Call Behnken: Clearwater woman surprised when mysterious TV shows up on doorstep

CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – Usually, a brand new TV on your doorstep would be a good thing. But not when you didn’t order it and you’re left with a big bill.

That’s what happened to Patricia Cook, of Clearwater. She came home this week to find a 40-inch TV in a big box. It was from Kohl’s.

“I thought, ‘Who would send me a TV?'” Cook said.

Well, according to Kohl’s, it was herself.

She received an email from Kohl’s informing her she owed $579.99 on her Kohl’s store credit card. That presented an even bigger problem, and mystery, because Cook’s Kohl’s card expired in 2014.

“I haven’t ordered anything from Kohl’s since then,” she said.

So she called the store to figure things out, but ended up on hold and speaking with people who could not answer her questions.

“It’s a call center and they just pass me off to person to person to person,” Cook said.

The company did send UPS to pick up the TV, but there were no answers as to how this TV got there in the first place or whether she’s off the hook for the charge.

Cook is worried because an email from Kohl’s states that she should “continue to make payments on your balance per you cardmember agreement.”

A spokeswoman from Kohl’s indicated she would get to the bottom of what happened.

So far, neither Cook or Better Call Behnken has heard back from Kohl’s.

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