8 weird things Florida drops to ring in the New Year

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — As the new year celebration approaches, cities around the country prepare to drop their own version of the iconic New Year’s Eve ball in New York.

Florida cities seem to have particularly strange things falling from the sky as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

Check them out!

1. Panama City Beach, Florida: What better way to bring in new years on the sandy shores than with a festive beach ball drop.

2. Brooksville, Florida: Until 2009, a 200-pound tangerine was dropped 40 feet during the countdown to midnight to celebrate the citrus industry that once thrived in this Florida town.

3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Because Florida does everything better, we too drop a classic ball in a major city.

4. Key West, Florida: At one bar, the Key West Conch Drop, where a 6-foot Queen Conch Shell drops 20 feet to the ground and another bar drops a ruby slipper with a drag queen inside each year.

5. Miami, Florida: Miami is home of “The Big Orange” Drop. A 35-foot orange with sunglasses rises 400 feet until it reaches the top of a hotel and is dropped from the top.

6. Orlando, Florida: Another Orange Drop because you could never have too many in the Sunshine State.

7. Sarasota, Florida: A glowing pineapple is dropped at midnight to ring in the new year.

8. Winter Haven, Florida: A Lego brick is dropped at Legoland for all to see.

We know there are tons of cool things that make our area so special, so make sure to share the great things happening in your community.

Do you know of another cool Florida ball drop for New Year’s Eve? If so, we’d love to see pictures. Make sure you include your name and a brief description of the event where the photos were taken, including the city.


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