Top trends expected to make waves in 2018

Hot Homemade Corn Chowder in a Bowl

(WFLA) — We saw some wacky trends in 2017 between the fake mud-stained jeans and Romphims, but 2018 is looking to be a bit more mainstream.

Pinterest released their annual craze prediction report, The Pinterest 100. Here’s a peek at the trends to try in 2018.

In the food and drink category diet-friendly “air frying” will be a hot topic. The process uses hot air instead of oil to get your food nice and crispy.

Also “souping” is expected to overtake juicing as the go-to diet reset.

The new way to brighten up your home decor will be to create colorful doors and statement ceilings.

Hey men, be sure to stalk up on razors this holiday season because clean-cut beards are coming back into style. Regular trims and daily care to keep strays in check are a must for 2018.

For women’s style, berets are making a comeback. The French fave was a major accessory on fall runways this year.

Lashes are the new brows in hair and beauty. You can do them up big with falsies that last for weeks.

And in kids and parenting, babies will be sporting an eco-friendly diaper, while parents look for recycled clothes and planet-friendly materials for kids to leave a smaller footprint on our Earth.

You can check out all of Pinterest’s 100 trends for 2018 right here.


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