One month since first Seminole Heights murder: ‘I can forgive you but can’t forget’

(Benjamin Mitchell)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A relative of Benjamin Mitchell, the first of three victims killed in Seminole Heights, says she has forgiven the killer, but can’t forget what happened.

“You’re just constantly on edge about it. You just want this to be over with,” said Mitchell’s cousin, Angelique DuPree.

Dupree says she woke up, and thought, “wow it’s been one month since he was killed.”

She says Mitchell, 22, often referred to her as aunt because her kids were his age. Dupree says she misses his silly personality.

Tampa’s newly appointed police Chief Brian Dugan told News Channel 8 that there still aren’t any new leads in the case. He says officers are working hard and following all tips.

Police aren’t revealing any details about the manner in how the victims were shot or whether the bullets were all the same. Dugan has said that the murders, which happened over a 10 day period, are connected, based on proximity and timing.

The best piece of evidence is still the grainy nighttime video showing a person of interest running from the scene on Oct. 9, seconds after Mitchell was shot dead on N. 15th Street.

“I just pray that someone has the heart and courage to come out and give these families some peace of mind. Let them rest because we’re no able to,” DuPree said.

DuPree says no one in the family is emotionally ready to visit the community mural on display in remembrance of each victim at the intersection of N. Nebraska Avenue and Osbourne Avenue.

“Someone knows something and they won’t even come forward and say anything and it just makes me think, what if this were your family member?” Dupree said.

The reward increased this week to a total of up to $41,000, according to Tampa police spokesperson Stephen Hegarty.

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