Florida state senator accused of sexual misconduct takes polygraph test

Republican state senator Jack Latvala is entering the race for governor.

(WFLA) – Florida State Senator Jack Latvala is fighting back against accusations of sexual misconduct on Thursday.

Latvala’s lawyer Steve Andrews released results of a polygraph test, which purports to show Latvala answered truthfully when he denied sexually harassing employees in the state senate.

At least one formal complaint has been filed against him.

Andrews has yet to receive the complaint, which he says puts his client at a disadvantage.

“So I don’t know what else the senator can do. He’s denied it. He’s voluntarily taken a polygraph,” said Andrews.

“And everything we could identify from the Politico article, he was polygraphed on at his insistence. So, I don’t know what else we can really do. I would hope the senate, in the rules procedure, say any complaint witness should be recommended to give a polygraph.”