National Nacho Day recipes to make your mouth water

(WFLA) — Whether you like salty or sweet, these recipe ideas will help you celebrate National Nacho Day!

The Food Network’s Chocolate-Cinnamon Nachos will give your sweet tooth all it needs. Brush the tortilla chip with butter, and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Stick the chips in the oven to get crispy. Heat up some chocolate chips and drizzle it on top of the baked chips. Top of with little spoonfuls of whipped creme.’s Pizza Nachos are everything you could ever want. Make the delicious garlic cream sauce, slather it onto some tortilla chips. Cover the chips with your favorite pizza toppings, plus tons of cheese of course. Stick them in the oven and you’re done.

And for you non-meat eaters or just healthy eaters,’s Vegan Nachos has you covered. Make mushroom-walnut “taco meat” first. Place the tortilla chips on a pan, top with meat and veggies. Add salsa and some cashew cream for a spicy kick.

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Before you start chowing down, here are some facts about the classic snack that you might not know:

  1. Nachos were invented by accident – Rumor has it that a Mexican man inadvertently created the dish when his restaurant ran out of food, leaving only tortillas and cheese in the kitchen. After some creative thinking, tortilla frying and cheese melting, the dish we all know and love was born.
  2. The original recipe is simple – The creator of the dish simply cut tortillas into triangles, fried them and melted cheese on top and added jalapeños. Today, there are countless varieties, including dishes that add refried beans, various meets, hot sauces, chili con queso, guacamole and many more toppings.
  3. Different regions put their own spin on the dish – Although nachos follow a fairly simple recipe, local versions of the dish vary from region to region. For example, barbecue nachos are popular in Memphis, Tennessee, while kalua pork and pineapple nachos are staples in Hawaii.
  4. Monday Night Football popularized the snack – Frank Liberto introduced sports broadcaster Howard Cosell to the dish, and Cosell sang its praises during a football game, turning nachos into a household name.
  5. The order in which you place the toppings matters — You can’t just slap some melted cheese on a pile of chips and toppings and call it a day. To get the perfect nachos, start with the base layer of chips, add the meat and refried beans, melt the cheese on top and then add the cold toppings like lettuce, salsa and onions.


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