FYI: Your iPhone’s photo search has ‘brassiere’ category

iPhone file courtesy

(WFLA) — The iPhone photo search feature could be considered convenient or creepy.

Twitter went wild when users realized the Photos app on your iPhone categorizes certain pictures under the search term “brassiere.”

Women all over began recreating the search and noticed that it was true, their bra pictures were categorized into one folder when searching the word. But so were other non-bra pictures.

Model Chrissy Teigen also tested it and shared a screenshot of her “brassiere” search when dozens of photos of Teigen in skimpy clothing popped up.

But as you can see this includes strapless dresses, crop tops and spaghetti straps. Basically, anything the software recognizes could be a bra, ends up in this search folder.

So, folks began asking what Apple is doing with their “brassiere” pictures, and it turns out the answer is nothing.

Apple said this search folder is only available on your personal device for easier access to comb through your photos. So that means you cannot access the search feature from the iCloud or any other device.


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