Instagram’s baby pumpkin butts make for a cheeky Halloween

Credit: Instagram/mama.ebeth

(WFLA) — Get ready for your new favorite Halloween trend that Instagram fans just can’t get enough of.

Butt of course, we just had to share the cutest trend on Instagram for Halloween – baby pumpkin butts.

Parents are having a little cheeky fun this fall by painting their little ones tush and sharing it on social media using the hashtag Pumpkin Butts.

Some photos show a whole patch of ripe pumpkins and others are just showing off one precious one.

The idea has also exploded on Pinterest, where moms are even sharing tips to get the perfect shot.

People on social media think the pumpkin rumpkins are just a cuteness overload.

So basically if you aren’t enjoying some baby pumpkin butts right now you aren’t doing the Halloween season right.

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