String of mail thefts has Tampa neighborhood on high alert

U.S. Postal Service letter carrier turns down the flag on a mailbox while delivering mail. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – North Lynn Avenue is a sleepy street in Seminole Heights. Not much goes on in the neighborhood—until recently.

“Another neighbor brought my mail back to me [and] said a man on the next block found it in front of his house when he went out to go to work,” neighbor Susie Morales said.

Morales is one of a handful of people who’ve had their U.S. Mail swiped, then tossed on the ground like trash.

Her next-door neighbor had two checks disappear from his mailbox.

A home surveillance system along Lynn Avenue captured a picture of what’s believed to be the thief’s SUV.  It’s white with black rims.

Neighbors are on high alert, hoping their cameras catch a better glimpse of the SUV and its license plate if the thief returns.

“I was surprised because I sit out here and I didn’t see anything,” Morales said.

Just a couple of blocks away, Tim Krueger said he’s always aware of the goings-on in the neighborhood.

“As long as I say vigilant, they stay away,” he said.

In the 30 years he’s lived in Seminole Heights, he’s had stuff stolen and wonders if he’s one of the recent victims.

“I’ve been told I’ve been sent things but I never received things, so it’s a possibility,” he said.

Neighbors tell News Channel 8 they’ve reported the thefts to police.

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