Shoulder use stopped on I-4 from Tampa to Orlando

TAMPA (WFLA) – The Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol implemented a limited Emergency Shoulder Use (ESU) plan for Hurricane Irma evacuations on I-4 from Tampa to Orlando but has since been stopped

Motorists should only use the left shoulder when directed by law enforcement and highway signs.

• There is no contraflow or one-way operation in use on Florida state roadways
• No other state roadways are currently approved for shoulder use
• Although there are heavy pockets of evacuation traffic in some areas; traffic is
flowing on this section of roadway
• Law enforcement urges motorists to use caution when driving on the shoulder –
right shoulder use is prohibited
• MAX SPEED on the shoulder is 40 MPH.
• FDOT has 13 Traffic Management Centers where hundreds of DOT workers are
monitoring traffic cameras 24/7 to ensure traffic flows continue and evacuations
proceed without interruption.

NOTE: Contraflow blocks essential southbound lanes needed to bring supplies to shelters
and families in the southern part of the state. Contraflow also inhibits emergency vehicles.