Elfers residents still coping with flooding

Residents continue to deal with flooding in Pasco County.

PASCO COUNTY, FL (WFLA) – Elfers Parkway is still one of the big problem spots in Pasco County following a weekend of flooding that has stretched into the first part of this week. The Anclote river has spilled over its banks and into nearby neighborhoods.

Elfers resident Dave Jackson said, “Its what you got to deal with when you live on the river.” Jackson has lived along the Anclote river for decades and seen the flooding before.

Brian Bandan has also called this area home for years, and is one of the people who has chosen not to evacuate. Bandan said, “we are staying, we are staying, we will battle it our the best that we can.” While,the water has stopped rising for now, county emergency management officials say more than 40 homes and businesses have been flooded, and it may not be over yet.

Annette Doying the director of Pasco County Emergency management said, “the longer the water sits there the more it is going to permeate structures and so we do anticipate more reports of flooding in structures and we advise people to report that to our resident information center.” While the county is offering sandbags to residents who want to try and protect their homes.


Some other residents are looking for even more help from the county. Jackson added, “I think they should do a lot more they should have more pumps or something out here I know it is a low lying area, but i think they should do a lot more.” In the meantime, the American Red Cross has set up a shelter at 1st Presbyterian church in Port Richey.